About Millennium Place

Millenium Place is part of a Muncie Housing Authority urban renewal effort funded by leveraging funds from a Hope VI grant award by HUD in the summer of 2002. Among other goals, the Millenium Place Revitalization Plan includes replacing the public housing project known as Munsyanna Homes and replacing it with beautifully designed facilities with a community planned with New Urbanism principles in mind. The replaced facilities were barrack-like apartments that were declared by HUD to be the most distress housing development in the state of Indiana!

Musyanna Homes and other properties in Industry Neighborhood have been razed and are rapidly being replaced by quality mixed income housing. Property types include apartments, duplexes, quads and single-family homes. In addition to Howard Square, the Millennium Place renewal effort is scheduled to be completed in four Phases. Currently Phases One and Two have been completed and Phase Three is in progress. Completion of all construction and full occupancy is expected by the end of 2007.

In addition to the housing construction, Millennium Place is expected to include a Community Center, a Grocery Store, a Chid Development Center, a Food Court with adjacent retailer, and park areas. Click here to download a PDF of the Millenium Place SIte Plan.