Below you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Millennium Place Revitalization in Muncie, Indiana.

  1. What is HOPE VI?
  2. What are the specific goals of HOPE VI?
  3. What is Millennium Place?
  4. What is meant by "mixed income" community?


1) What is HOPE VI?

HOPE VI is an urban revitalization program that was initiated in 1993 to "fundamentally reinvent" public housing by demolishing the most severely distressed housing projects and redeveloping them as mixed-use, mixed-income properties.

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2) What are the specific goals of HOPE VI?

HUD's funding guidelines lay out six basic goals of HOPE VI: Lessening the concentration of very poor residents and creating mixed-income communities, including off-site replacement housing serving diverse households; Creating partnerships to leverage additional resources; Implementing cost-effective plans; Providing opportunities for family economic self-sufficiency, particularly for persons enrolled in welfare-to-work programs; Building sustainable communities that include a physical design that blends into and enriches the urban landscape; and Ensuring that affected residents and members of communities have full and meaningful involvement in the planning and implementation of the revitalization effort. You can learn more about the HOPE VI program from HUD at www.hud.gov/offices/pih/programs/ph/hope6/about/

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3) What is Millennium Place?

Millennium Place is the name that has been given to the revitalizaiton effort that is currently being executed in Muncie, Indiana, as well as, the name of much of the area that is being revitalized. The Millennium Place Revitalization Plan was awarded a HOPE VI grant in late 2002 and is funded by that grant and other public and private dollars.

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4) What is meant by "mixed income" community?

Millennium Place is a mixed income community, meaning people of different means and income levels will be residence of the new properties.

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