The Plan

The Muncie Housing Authority has generated broad-based community-wide support for a comprehensive revitalization effort which will include, a phased demolition of the existing Munsyana Homes, new construction of mixed-income housing, and ancillary facilities enhancing and supporting community sustainability. The new, sustainable development is known as Millennium Place. There is a visual overview of the Millennium Place Plan available on the Downloads Page.

The previous site, formerly known as Munsyanna Homes, is rapidly being transformed into a vibrant community with a total of 244 new units of mixed-density housing. The plan calls for 200 rental units, 44 units will be home ownership units, a new urban community grocery store and a new recreation facility with space dedicated to community and supportive services space are also being planned; and significant infrastructure improvements including gateway structures to-and-from Downtown; as well as a linear park along the northern boundary of the site.

HOPE VI Community in Muncie, Indiana consists of:

Phase I Millennium Place I 30 units Complete
Passageway Transitional Housing 10 units Complete
Howard Square Senior Housing 30 units Complete
Phase II Millennium Place II 55 units Complete
Phase III Millennium Place III 35 units In Progress
Phase IV Millennium Place IV 40 units Coming Soon
Home Ownership For sale dwellings 44 units In Progress